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Many of these listings have changed their servers to snap up better pricing. unfortunately this tends to cause a problem in keeping a large link page current, as of 3/19/01 I have started to invest a minimum of 1 hour per week in the process of verifying existing links (Big Job!) In addition I will adding an additional 45 links and re-sorting the categories to make it easier to find a topic. If you encounter missing or broken LINKS, please email me and I'll put that link at the head of my list and do my best to track down the new URL and update this page. 

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World & National 
News Without the Spin

American Spectator
The Alan Keyes Show
Cato Institute
David H. Hackworth
Heritage Foundation
 Insight Magazine
Michael Reagan Show
 McCord Online News Magazine
News Reports - Christopher Ruddy 
U.S. Times Daily News
Washington Times 
Westergaard Online
WorldNet Daily

Christian &
Right to Life Sites

AAA Women's Services
Christian LINKS
Crisis Pregnancy Centers Online
Concerned Women for America
Controversy: -- 
The Journal of the International 
Population and Family Association
Family Research Council
 Focus on the Family
Insight for Living

Priests for Life
ProLife.org -- 
Supporting the Right to Live
Ring of Conservative Christian Sites
The Net
The Ultimate Pro-Life
Resource List


Conservative Links

  The Acton Institute
American Family Association, Inc.
 American Center for Law and Justice
American Policy Center
CATO Institute
Citizens for American Rebirth
Concerned Women for America
Conservative Caucus
The Constitution Society
Eagle Forum
Family Policy Network
Family Research
The Federal Bureau of DEB
The mother of all political links pages
Federalist Digest
Heritage Foundation
Judicial Watch
Liberty Caucus
Media Research Center
The Ring of Conservative Sites
Ring of Conservative Christian Sites
Rutherford Institute
S.F. Conservatives United

Some of My
Favorite Sites

 Insight for Living

 Links to Midi sites
Victrolla Music-Praise Him With Midi
Chris Keller's Original Christian Midis
OCOI Studios
Christian Answers Midi Page
The Psalmist Christian Jukebox
Music Odyssey
Rich's Music Page
Paul's World


Second Amendment
Self Defense
& Shooting Sports

2nd Amendment Home Page
Second Amendment Foundation
American Firearms Manufacturers
Airboat Association of Florida
American Firearm Page
American Patriot
Amerika's Heartland BBS
(Arming Women Against 
Rape and Endangerment)
Bg45acp's Home Page
Bloomfield Press
Cast Bullet Association
Centerfire Central
Chabot Gun Club, Inc.
Chris BeHanna's Firearms page
Christian Guide to Small Arms
Citizens For Personal Protection
Competitive Shooting Network
Craig's Firearm Information Page
Dave Markowitz's Home Page
Everything Country
Fatal Blindness
Fi 9 Arms' Gun Control Victories
Firearms in Russia: Laws and History
The Firearms Training Site
The Firing Line
Geoff's Firearms and Freedom Page
Golden Wolfe's Den
Griffith's Armament Page
Guardian Angel's Gun Site
Gun Control And Second Amendment Issues
Gun Control-- Pros & Cons
Gun Defense Clock
The Gun Guy
GunHoo: GunPages Central
Guns And Rosies
Guns, Firearms, Second Amendment
Gun Owners of America
HollowPoint-- The Firearms Resource
Hunting Information Systems
The Hunting Trail
J.B.'s Place
Kettle Moraine
L. Neil Smith's Webley Page
LaFayette Gun Club

Second Amendment 
Self Defense & Shooting Sports 

Laissez Firearm
Larry's Patriot Lair
Larry's Second Amendment Page
Lightning Rod Network
Rebellion's Bunker
Mark David Perry's Wild, Wildlife Page
Mike's Concealed Carry -- 
Cross-Reference Page
Mike's Gun World
Militia Of North Dakota
Minnesota Minuteman Militia
Mosin Man's Military Surplus Arms Page
National Rifle Association
NFA and Other Gun Laws
-- Related Info and Cases
Nebraska Second Amendment Watch
New Jersey Concealed Carry
New Jersey Guns
Old Arms Reloading
Patriot Truth
Patriot's Place
The Phantom's Official Gun Control Page
The Philosophy in Defense of Firearms
The Pro-Firearm Activist
Randy Porter's Firearms Page
Rich's Firearms Page
The Right To Keep And Bear Arms
Right To Keep And Bear Arms Pages
Rodney's Glock Handgun Page
RugrRdhwk's Home Page
Savage 99
Second Amendment Law Library
Second Amendment Yellow Pages
Seekers of the Red Mist
Sheeple Chasers
Shooters Homepage
Shooters-- Web Encyclopedia of Shooting
The Shooter's Bar
The Shooting Show
Spirit of '76 Gun Page
The Stentorian 2nd. Amendment Rights Pg.
Steve's Firearms Page
Steve's Reloading Page
Stopping Power
Tim Casey's Firearms Page
Tom Woolman's Firearm Photo Album
United States Practical Shooting Association
Utah Defensive Pistol League
Utah Guns
William L. Liddell Page
William W. Dickerson's RKBA 
Witness for The Right-- RKBA 


Political Issues

Alamance Independent
The Alan Keyes Show
American Constitution Party Of Texas
Americans for Constitutional Integrity
Brian Wilson (Radio Host/Author)
Bucks County Libertarian Committee
Chuck Baldwin Live
Citizens For Constitutional Property Rights
Civil Liberties
The Conservative Caucus
Conservative News Service
Constitution Society
Criminals for the Prevention of Firearm Ownership
Dan & Allison's Patriotic Page
Defending Freedom!
Dump Parris
Federalist Digest
The Freedom Page
Great Quotes
Heritage Preservation Association
The Independent Institute
In-House Lobbyist
Jewish Dude With A Conservative Attitude
Kay County Patriots
The Libertarian Enterprise
Libertarian Party of Humboldt County
Libertarian Party of Nevada
Libertarian Party of Vermont
The Liberty House
Liberty Journal
Liberty Round Table
Lincoln Party

More... Political Issues

Lone Star Fully Informed Jury Assn.
Parent Information Network
The Patriot Page
Political Information (.com)
The Ray Zone
The Republican
Saved By Grace:  John Killian's Home Page
The Site
Southeastern Legal Foundation
Stargate Oregon
Teno's God And Country Page
Truth About Your World
UCO College Republicans
United Seniors Association, Inc.
United Sportsmens' Assn. of MD. PAC
Varmint Al's Gun Rights & Politics Page
The Warroom (Jim Quinn Morning Show)
The Welch Foundation
Wolfe's Lodge

Zak Arthur Klemmer On Liberty
Grassroot Republicans
Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute
Campaign for Working Families
Project Vote Smart
Liberty Caucus
Ludwig Von Mises Institute
America's Future
Center for New Black Leadership
Black America's Political Action Committee
Project 21
The Jewish World Review


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