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 Hello and welcome to FLORIDAZE 

What comes to mind when you think about Florida? Sunshine and Oranges? Miles of perfect beach? Mickey Mouse? Golf and Tennis year-round? Palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze? Counting ballots? Creating votes out of thin air? Well It's all that and more..,

For me, Florida was once an escape from the cold winter months in New York State. It became a refuge from the intensity (and insanity) of life in the North-East. A place of rest and renewal. Now I am proud to call it my home. Although it is only one state, Florida is made up of a hundred different worlds - which make it a fascinating place to live or visit. 

here in Daytona Beach and I am enjoying every second here in the gateway city to Central Florida. I hope you enjoy your visit to this site.

This "Floridaze" site is dedicated to Don Blanding
for his timeless and universal impressions of coastal life here in Florida. Flamingos set against a tropical sunset, pelicans wheeling above the turquoise waters, and tarpon leaping high into the moonlight, were some of the things that those who followed were never fortunate enough to see from his special vantage point.




By: Jimmy Buffett 1986 
For Don Blanding, Wobby Wiemer and "Groovula" 

I come from where the rivers meet the sea 
That's part of why I'm so wild and fancy free 
I was early into crazy ways 
My folks said, "It's just a phase" 
They were hopin' for better days 
Now in my line of work
I seem to see a lot more than most 
Write 'em down, pass 'em around 
It's the gospel from the coast 
Reflections not just replays 
Takin' time to escape the maze 
Lookin' for better days 
I spent a year of my life one night 
On the beaches in old Beirut 
Seems that all they're aimin' for there 
Is to hang around and shoot 
Each others lives away 
Bloody winds on a distant bay 
They're lookin' for better days 
Lookin' to the left 
Lookin' to the right 
Lookin' to the stars to shed some light 
Hopin' for a breath 
Hopin' for a break 
Hopin' for the give without the take
The dreamers line the state road 
Just to watch the runway show 
Slouched behind their steering wheels 
They just watch the big jets go 
Streakin' through the mornin' haze 
Focal point of a distant gaze 
Lookin' for better days 
Pale invaders and tan crusaders 
Are worshipping the sun 
On the corner of walk and don't walk 
Somewhere on U.S. 1 
I'm back to livin' Floridays 
Blue skies and ultra violet rays 
Lookin' for better days 
I'm back to livin' Floridays 
Blue skies and ultra violet rays 
Lookin' for better days, lookin' for better days 
Lookin' for better days 
Lookin' for Floridays 
(Better days, better ways) 
Everybody's lookin' for 
(Better days) 
Somewhere beneath the shinin' star 
(Better days) 
Take me won't you take me to 
(Better days) 
Sure could use a few 
(Better days) 


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